About Capital United Soccer Club

What is Capital United?

Capital United is an international soccer family with a good portion of our coaches and members from parts of the world that share a passion for the beautiful game. Our small club is dedicated to the sport, year round, and some even say 24-7. Most of our coaches still actively play. We provide a unique environment where children, youth, and even adults can develop the skills, technique and passion required to play the game well. We provide high quality coaching so that players develop and enjoy soccer to the best of their abilities.

We have had an international outlook since our inception in 1999, as a result of the international character of our membership. Our Club is committed to providing our members the international exchange opportunities that are critical to developing an in-depth understanding of the game and to pushing themselves to the highest levels of the game. The FC in our name (‘Football Club’, which is world football) is used internationally. It pays tribute to our international roots and the partnerships we have developed through our International Program.


What Do We Care About?

The Capital United player first approach is based upon the principles of fair play, respect for all participants, and the application of the letter and spirit of the laws of the game. Hard work, creativity, commitment to excellence, and a passion to play well describe soccer at our Club. We continue to implement the possession of the ball philosophy, which is also encouraged by Ontario Soccer.

Club-Excellence-awardAt Capital United, we support the pyramid of play while emphasizing the critical role of the Club in a player’s development. The Club offers the best environment for the development of all those involved in the sport – from the player to the coaches, referees, and managers…and some say even the parents!

In 2013, Ontario Soccer (then the OSA) recognized Capital United with a GOLD Medal in its Club Excellence Program. We were 1 of only 2 local clubs to be awarded this prestigious award, and 1 of 19 total recipients in the whole province. The Club Excellence Program underscores the importance of excellence in soccer programs and Club governance. These awards are given to “Clubs [that] have set exemplary standards in areas of Club Governance, Risk management and Volunteer Development … The Club Excellence Award was launched in 2007 and continues to provide support and recognition to the excellent volunteers and club system that provides playing, coaching and officiating opportunities to almost half a million participants.” More details can be found by clicking on this link, Club Governance.


Player-First Results

Only one result matters though – what our players themselves accomplish via soccer (football). Take a closer look and you will see what we are all about and what some members of our family have been able to accomplish in soccer at Capital United and beyond. The Player Profiles section features several Capital United soccer players who are constantly achieving new milestones. For players like these, there is no limit.


Long-Term Player Development (LTPD)

PrintWe are committed to fulfilling the vision of the Canadian Soccer Association. LTPD is about putting players first; it’s our top priority. For more information visit the Ontario Soccer website.


Partners and Sponsors

Our partners and sponsors are very important to our Club and our players. Without them, we could not achieve any kind of success. See our Partner/Sponsor List.



In November 2017 we announced our alliance with Cumberland United Soccer Club. Read the alliance announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on each header below to get answers to some of the more common questions we receive. You may also send an email enquiry to info@fccapitalunited.com.

Why the focus on year-round soccer? I thought they only did that in hockey?

We do see this more and more, in many sports. From our experience in youth soccer development, we have learned that young players get much better, much faster, with more consistent and frequent touches on the soccer ball in training. The year-round program is intended for the player that is more serious about soccer. Indeed, for the top teams in each age group, we expect players to be in our year-round program. It is important to note that our youth competitive players do take a four to six week break in the fall and another two week break in the Spring to help them recharge those batteries.

Your Club seems to be stretched so thin. Why?

We have a small and energetic group of volunteers who work really hard for the Club and its members. Sadly, this is just not enough. We need help, a lot more help. Even if others cannot do a lot, it does not matter. We can find a job for them, based on their interests and skills, and the time they have. If you have time to give, or know someone who does, please contact our President at president@fccapitalunited.com.

After registering and paying for a program, it can take a long time to hear back from the Club? Why?

This is an area that requires some improvement, no doubt, especially with our volunteers stretched so thin. We tend to contact members shortly before a program  begins, usually via email. However, that does get missed and is a bit late for some. We are hoping the new Web Site will help with that in the future. And, of course, when it comes to communicating, there is always an opportunity to do better, so consider giving us a helping hand by sending an email to president@fccapitalunited.com.

Is your refund policy not unfair to those who decide to leave the Club before a program concludes?

To the member who leaves, it will seem unfair. All the while, our obligation remains to the players who stay in our program. We cannot let a departing player compromise our ability to run programs for those that remain. We do make concessions for players who get injured and those who have to move away. Every member has a right to be heard when it comes to requesting a refund. Members may exercise that right by making a request to our Board. Be forewarned; hearing a request is one thing, honouring it is quite another. We follow our policy guidelines closely on these matters.

All the soccer associations and leagues have so many rules. Is it not a bit over the top?

It is over the top. Sadly though, thanks to appeals and protests launched by far too many people, the associations and leagues have been compelled to respond with more policy and more rules. People could not always agree on the boundaries for common sense. Nevertheless, there is movement underway to return to more simplified rules and procedures in soccer. Ontario Soccer has a project underway to do just that. We welcome those initiatives. No volunteer wants to read an 80-page document before the season even starts. And trust us, no league or association has much interest in producing them or administering them either.