Managers Are Critical to Team Success

Team Infrastructure

The role of the Team Manager is critical to the success of the team, as much as the Coach. Sound
blasphemous? Ask any Coach with any kind of experience and they will tell you this is true. Managers are the glue that helps hold the team together, keep it organized and moving forward. They allow the coaches to focus on the players at all times. Behind every happy team is a great manager.

Part of the success of managers and their teams can be attributed to sound organization and a supporting  team infrastructure. It is not up to managers to do every job the team needs. Rather, they rely on other volunteers for important tasks. Key positions for teams, that support the manager, include:

  • Trainer – every team must have a trainer to look after players that may be hurt or injured during a match or in training sessions; indeed they are expected to be the technical area during matches;
  • Treasurer – manages the treasury function for the team, including its bank account, to ensure funds are available for team functions such as tournaments or social events; and
  • Equipment Manager – is responsible for uniform distribution to the players and ensuring that Club nets, corner flags and game balls are available for all home games, as per league rules.

Some teams also have travel coordinators, social events coordinators and Fair Play ambassadors. Click on any of the links above for more details on these roles and resources available in the Club.

This link, Manager Resources, will take you to another page that has more extensive resources, including contacts and document downloads, to help make the manager’s job a little easier.


Volunteer Screening and Police Records Check

Screening and a police records check are required. More information HERE.