Team Trainers

About the Role

The Team Trainer is responsible for the general health and safety of the players. They develop an Emergency Action Plan for the team, inspect the safety of playing venues, keep records of player medical history and conditions, help players who may be injured during a game or training session, and provide advice and guidance on good nutrition for soccer players. Most importantly, it is the Team Trainer, not a Coach, that determines whether an injured player may return to duty. We never want a Coach to be tempted to play an injured player before they are ready to resume their activities. That decision resides with the Trainer. This is why it is important for them to be in the team technical area during matches.

The Club arranges for training for Trainers, usually in the spring of each year. This training gives the trainer a good grounding in CPR and how to deal with soccer-specific injuries. For more information contact Paul Sweezie, Director of Health and Safety, at

Resources for Trainers

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Volunteer Screening and Police Records Check

Screening and a Police Records check are required. More information HERE.