Team Treasurers

About the Role

The Team Treasurer manages the financial well-being of a team. For many teams, budgets will be small since they may only play in a few local tournaments. For other teams, like those that travel for the Ontario Youth Soccer League, budgets are much larger and there is considerably more to manage. They must also manage any team sponsorship in a manner consistent with Club policy.

The Treasurer collects funds from parents and players to fund team activities. This may include funds for tournaments, social events or trips out of town. They prepare a team budget based on the planned activities for the team. They are also expected to provide a summary of sources and uses of funds to parents (and Club Board members if requested) at the end of each season or the end of a planned event, as required.

Team Treasurers open a bank account for the team. If this is opened as a community account, the team will not need to pay many banking service charges as is the case with commercial accounts. Contact us at for a copy of letter you can use to open a team account. When you open an account, be sure to have two signing officers. One of those signing officers cannot be the team Coach. Also be sure to name the account based on the year in which the players were born (e.g. Capital United 1994 Boys). This will make it a little easier to continue using the account in the years ahead.

For sponsorship and fund-raising, the Club is pleased to provide a letter on Club letterhead to support your efforts. Contact us at for a copy of this letter. Note, we will ask for an outline of planned fund-raising activities to ensure they are consistent with Club guidelines (see the link below).

Resources for Treasurers

Click on the links below for Treasurer resources: