MINI WORLD CUP TOURNAMENT – Postponed until 2018

What is it?

It is a soccer tournament for boys and girls. It is played in Ottawa, yet mirrors the FIFA event for this year in every conceivable way. It is a celebration of soccer culture, competition and excellence. This is the 2nd year for our girls tournament and the 11th year for our boys tournament. Each team will represent one of the nations participating in this year’s corresponding FIFA soccer event.
Boys Tournament: FIFA U-20 WORLD CUP 
Girls Tournament: UEFA EURO 2017

miniworldcup_generic_logoWe will offer an Inter-District Festival (Canada Soccer Active Start Soccer Fest) at the U10 age group (born on or after January 1, 2007) and is an Inter-Provincial tournament at the U13 age group (born on or after January 1, 2004) for District and Regional level teams (and equivalent levels in other provinces and countries, for example “AA” & “A” in Quebec).

The tournament fee is $350 per U10 team and $525 per U13 team. Each team will be issued a set of jerseys as a keepsake of this unique soccer tournament experience. All teams and coaches will be honoured in the official opening ceremonies within the parade of athletes. 

Our local version includes these highlights:

  • up to 48 teams: 24 teams in the U13 age group  (12 boys, 12 girls) and 24 at the U10 (12 boys, 12 girls);
  • separate groups: Level 5/Division 1/Tier 1/AA and Division/Tiers 2&3/A;
  • U10 play is 7-a-side mini soccer;
  • U13 play is 11-a-side;
  • U10: 1 day festival [Canada Soccer Active Start Soccer Fest] (2 games) – Boys & Girls June 17;
  • U13: minimum of four games per team over two days (June 17/18); 
  • all matches are in one location at Leitrim Park;
  • all games have three officials, including Assistant Referees (ARs) to run the sidelines;
  • teams adopt a country that plays in the actual FIFA event that year;
  • players get to keep the jersey of their adopted country; and 
  • teams and coaches are honoured in a parade of athletes and opening ceremonies. 

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Tournament Contacts

Contact email:

Mailing Address:
FC Capital United Mini World Cup
PO Box 59054, 1559 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 5T7