Become a Referee

Why Not Become a Referee?

Be part of the greater soccer community by learning to become a referee. Guaranteed, you will come to have a better appreciation for the game. You may even grow to improve your own game.

Don’t be intimidated about being the Lead Official for a match. If this is not for you, consider being an Assistant Referee. You might be quite surprised to learn what some young referees were able to learn and earn over a few short summer months.

The kids in the game really need youth soccer players to step up and take on the challenge. Why not take the time to become a referee?!

What is Required?

You need to be 14 years of age or older. You also need to take part in a Class 4 Referee Clinic, which is only $50. The clinic fee even covers your registration with the OSA for one year. If you stick to it and join again next year, chances are the Club will pay for your registration fees next year.

For more information, contact our Head Referee, Karim Bitar, at


Resources for Referees

Click on the links below for Referee resources.